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AMEP understands your environment. Our professionals have spent decades working side-by-side with facility management personnel. In fact, we pride ourselves on being extensions of our clients' design, construction, operations and maintenance teams. We are well versed in the codes and standards pertaining to your highly specialized sector.

Our Philosophy:

We want you to consider AMEP your advocate and representative, combining detailed technical knowledge and experience with a commitment towards fulfilling your requirements. We are not affected by conflicting interests. We represent only you, the Owner, through all facets of planning, design, bidding and construction.

Our Approach:

We conduct business with full transparency. AMEP clients are continually informed of important design, bidding and construction information throughout the project path. At no time is this more relative to the Owner than during the bidding process. In this regard, AMEP applies a practice of "Open Book" bid presentation - where all bidding results are clearly presented to the Owner for review, discussion and ultimate selection of suitable subcontractors.

Your Decision:

AMEP has provided Construction Management services in a variety of methods. We have specialized personnel available for on-site consultation and management services, or we can provide on-call and as-needed assistance. We are also pleased to bid projects via the traditional route.

At the end of the day, you decide how your highly specialized projects will be most effectively managed - and AMEP would appreciate the opportunity to help your business accomplish its' goals and objectives.

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  1. Owner’s Representative
  2. Feasibility Studies
  3. Project Scope Development
  4. Cost Estimating
  5. Critical Path Method Scheduling
  6. Construction Document Review
  7. Constructability Review
  8. Risk Analysis
  1. Bid Phase Management
  2. Value Engineering
  3. Contract Administration
  4. Bid Solicitation and Evaluation
  5. Quality Assurance & Control
  6. Contract Review and Negotiations
  7. Change Order Management
  8. Inspection and Quality Assurance

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